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Amazon Kindle Oasis In Champagne Gold Color

Amazon added one more e-reader into its fleet of e-readers. But, this new Kindle is special, as it has got some of the best features available on the market right now. This new Kindle is expensive, and it somewhat justifies its pricing because of the features that are integrated into the device.


The name of the Kindle is ‘Oasis’, and it is the most expensive eBook reader in the world as of now. But, you must be thinking Amazon launched Kindle Oasis a couple of years ago. Yes, that is right, but this is the newer version of the old model, but it is not like what people say ‘old wine in a new bottle’. This Kindle Oasis is the lightest and the most expensive tablet, which is going to cost you around $280 if you get this from any US store. Kindle Oasis comes in Champagne Gold color variant as well, which in my opinion is pleasing to the eyes.


Talking about the specifications of this new model, then it comes with the same 7-inch screen with the Per-Pixel-Intensity of 300 PPI. The device has an audible support and mammoth battery life of 6 weeks. Moreover, the device is water resistant, so don’t worry if you start using it with your wet hands. The screen is not going to malfunction.


If you are looking to buy this device, then you will have to shell out $279.99 with ads. If you want an ad-free version, then you will have to pay $299.99. So, it is up to you as to which model you want to go with. Amazon Kindle Oasis regular model is available in 8 GB model, whereas the model with new color variant will be available in 32GB space. One important thing about that variant is that it is a Wi-Fi only model, so if you were looking to operate it on 3G, then you will be left disappointed.


If you want to buy this new device, but at a lower price, then you better take a look at the Graphite option, which is going to cost you around $249.99. It is an 8 GB Wi-Fi model, but if you want a bigger model, then 32 GB model is also available, but then again, the price of that would be $279.99.


You must be thinking as to what is so special about this model launch, as Amazon had launched Kindle Fire tablets in different color variants. I think you have missed an important thing here; Amazon has never launched Kindle devices in any other color other than Black or White. So, by launching Kindle Oasis in different colors other than black or white Amazon has made it clear that this particular model is a premium model with higher pricing and more color options.


The company is going to be aggressive when it comes to marketing this model all over the world. This is really going to be a make or break kind of scenario for the company because if people are able to resonate with the company’s mindset of launching this model, then the sale of this model will break all records. But, if things go otherwise, then this model will be nothing less than a bad dream for the company.


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